Saving the Rifleman

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Europe is torn by the vagaries of the Great War - thousands upon thousands are dead or refugees, left with nothing. In the middle of occupied Belgium stands a hospital. A hospital whose nurses are dedicated to the Allies, who do everything in their power to smuggle wounded soldiers to safety. Maria is one of those nurses. When a handsome British officer with piercing green eyes shows up in the middle of a German control, it all becomes oh-so-much more dangerous. She has no choice but to try and flee to safety. Luckily she’s not alone. John is there, and he is willing to do anything to save her life.

What an amazing story set in turbulent times, filled with action and romance! Their journey to the border is filled with danger and and grabs the reader, making one feverishly wish them well. John is a great hero, brave, strong and above all things honorable. Maria is a fitting mate for him, courageous in spite of the circumstances. Her unflinching loyalty to him, unwillingness to leave him behind, to let him sacrifice himself was truly impressive. However, after they reached the British headquarters, she lets her bad experience with men cloud her judgment. She trusted him with her life, and yet after the danger passed, her treatment of him was questionable, both in the story and to the reader, and that negatively impacts all the good she’s done throughout. All in all, however, this is an enchanting story set in the dark part of history, while the light of love shines through!

Ana Smith