Saving Moirra’s Heart (Book 2 of The Moirra’s Heart Series)


“Saving Moirra’s Heart” is a short historical romance novella that continues the story of newlyweds Moirra and Alysander McCullum, who first became handfasted out of necessity, but soon fell deeply in love.  Moirra has been arrested for the murder of her last handfasted husband by his brother Almer, the vengeful sheriff of their town.  Alysander is devastated that his new found love and family of four daughters has been disrupted, and seeks a solution without revealing the closely guarded secret of what really happened to Delmar.  Can love conquer all and unite Moirra and Alysander, saving her from the hangman’s noose?


“Saving Moirra’s Heart” is an enjoyable novella that gives readers closure after “Stealing Moirra’s Heart.”  Alysander and Moirra are both likable characters and their love is palpable.  Moirra’s adorable four daughters steal scenes, especially the youngest, Orabilis.  Moirra’s imprisonment and possible hanging, and Alysander determination to free her, is quite suspenseful.  A lot happens for a short novel and it’s successfully accomplished, for the most part.  This is darker in tone than the previous book, with villainous characters that really have in it for Moirra.  The conclusion regarding one of the villains was too abrupt, and not satisfactory, either in their motivations and the resolution.  This book will give readers a warm feeling with a couple deeply in love realizing their chance at a life together and a happy family.  Readers will want to read about more of Alysander and Moirra’s future adventures in marriage.

Danielle Hill