Saving Grace (Heartfire #1)

Michele Paige

Grace Thatcher is desperate to protect her younger sister Helen from her father’s match making schemes.  His debts have driven him to great lengths, and in order to save her sister Grace must marry a man of his choosing.  However, as granddaughter of the Duke of Salisbury, Grace won’t settle for just anyone. When one suitor sends Grace and her loyal attendants out into a storm in the middle of the night, Grace finds herself in the home of Lord Nicholas Sutherland - who is not pleased to come home and discover her in his bed! However, when he discovers Grace is being pursued by his enemy, Samuel Preston, he becomes determined to keep Grace for himself. Caught in their feud Grace doesn't know who to trust, but love might be the answer.

A fantastic regency romance, “Saving Grace” features a strong heroine and two wonderful love interests, without falling into a completely typical love triangle. Furthermore, although the feud between Nicholas and Samuel is tragic, neither of them is the evil villain Grace needs to escape, which is refreshing. Truthfully, the romance between Grace and Nicholas is extremely engaging for an indefinable reason. There isn’t anything specific, but somehow Ms. Holmes has created a story that the reader can’t stop reading and when the story ends, the urge to grab the next book and see what happens with Grace’s sister Helen will probably outweigh sleep.

Sarah E. Bradley