Satyr's Son (Roxton Family Saga #5)


Lord Henri-Antoine, a nobleman with a vast fortune, has a loving family, and is generally free from responsibility. Unfortunately, he is also plagued by seizures that leave him exhausted and his family fit to be tied. Lisa Crisp is an orphan living on the charity of cousins who see her only as a burden. Determined to be useful, she assists her cousin’s husband in his clinic as a doctor’s assistant and letter writer for the poor. After a chance meeting brings Henri-Antoine and Lisa together, the clash between attraction and propriety sends them both reeling. Yet, when their best friend’s wedding brings them together once again, their mutual attraction blossoms, but with the difference in their status and a secret Lisa hides between them, can they ever become more than a scandalous pair or will love find a way?

A romantic addition to the “Roxton Family Saga” this fifth story can be read as a stand-alone but is better read in order to avoid spoilers and allow for a richer experience. “Satyr’s Son” is not the typical story for this genre as Henri's illness and Lisa's secret provide some unique twists and add interest. Further, the characters have depth, built up with witty banter and complex emotions, the plot is smoothly developed, and somehow the reader becomes engrossed from the beginning and can’t stop until the last page leaves one scrambling for more!  There are a few small drawbacks, but overall, this is one story that will leave the reader begging for more!

Sarah E Bradley