Saturday’s Child (Heroines Born on Different Days of the Week #7)


Annie, a young promising lady, is bravely shouldering the responsibility of earning a living after the unexpected sad death of her father. Major Tarrant and his wife invite her to take up a job with them, but she would rather make it all by herself. They had already done enough in offering shelter for her and her father after they came back to Sussex impoverished by the Waterloo battle. However, danger is looming close-by in the form of an abusive merchant’s son, Bert, who wants to marry her without her consent. Living alone in her father’s house that she is working to make it to a boarding house, she has to ensure her safety by hiring footmen. However, she may not be able to protect herself from one of her friends who is lying in wait ready to strike.

This is definitely a fine Cinderella-themed book that any reader could ever come across. With a heroine who defies all the societal laws about class and stature to build a beautiful enterprise on her own, the reader is left with more than pure admiration for the author’s ability to sculpt such an elegant piece of literary art. The gentle and sweet tone of the novel carries one’s mind from the beginning of Annie’s journey to the end. Throw in a good measure of well-researched historical facts, and the reader has a whole pot of golden goodies. The presence of an unlikely cunning villain adds a unique thrill to the read. “Saturday’s Child” is undoubtedly a precious novel that gifts everything a reader would ever wish for in a regency historical romance in a generous measure.

JM Lareen