Sarah: A Regency Romance Novella


An evening with a boring beginning ended in a stolen kiss and a promise that would lead to betrayal. Sarah meets the Earl of Markham at a ball. Their meeting leaves them both falling for each other instantly. Three weeks later, the Earl of Markham is betrothed to Sarah’s sister and not long after that, her sister dies from complications of a miscarriage. Sarah spends the next two years planning her revenge---which brings them to meet at a ball once more. The only problem is that the Earl of Markham claims that he never laid with her sister, the baby could not be his. Sarah does not know whom to believe and does not want to lose her heart to the Earl of Markham again. 

This novella makes for a quiet evening read, and is filled with betrayal, revenge, and lost love. The novella is fast-paced and can easily be finished in one sitting. While the characters have great chemistry, they do not think things through, or seemingly at all. Sarah and her sister did not have a close relationship and her parents favored her sister, so why is it so hard for Sarah to believe that they betrayed her? She just blindly plots revenge. The Earl of Markham is also not the sharpest tool in the shed. The whole plot revolves around two characters who do not know how to communicate. Even so, the most beautiful aspect of the story is forgiveness and rediscovering lost love. It will make readers believe that love conquers all even in the worst of betrayals!

Amanda Hupe