Sarah’s Dilemma (The Catskills Saga – Vol 2)

Jean C.

Set in the late 1780s, this is the story of Sarah Chesney, eldest daughter of Abigail Chesney Tanner. At eighteen, Sarah has decided it’s time to build a life and family of her own. She’s courted by two men, one a common everyday sort, the other, Ben Fitch, the son of the town’s richest man. After a misunderstanding casts doubt on Sarah’s reputation, and nearly ruins her chances for a happy marriage and decent life, she must forge ahead with her plans, despite the town’s misguided opinions.

 “Sarah’s Dilemma” is the second book in the series set in the small town of Fitch’s Eddy. The same cast of characters return from the first book, with a handful of newcomers to add another layer of flavor to the story. The family dynamic between all of the Chesneys is a bit confusing in a few places, and at times, it seems as if there are almost too many characters. The romance in this story is sweet and wholesome, yet there is definitely a slow burn to the attraction between Sarah and the man who eventually wins her heart. Fortunately for Sarah, the damage to her reputation doesn’t dissuade her most ardent suitor. There is an entertaining subplot within the book that revolves around Sarah’s family. Also, a rather unusual epilogue that deals with a conclusion for the characters of the first book, rather than the two main characters from this one. As well, there are hints as to who’ll star in the next volume. All in all, a well-crafted, sweet romance that builds on a family-saga story.

NE Kelley