A Sanguine Gem (A Marsden Romance Book 3)


Upon the demise of her father, Lady Gemma Kemsley’s cousin, Alfie, inherited her familial estate and depleted its coffers. His solution to regaining financial stability is to take liberties with Gemma and take control of her inheritance. However, Gemma has plans to thwart his efforts by running away and living with her best friend, Lily, in America. Turning to her brother Liam to help Gemma get away, Lily’s plans go awry when Liam uses an old betrothal agreement to circumvent everyone’s intents. What Liam didn’t count on was the intensity of his feelings for Gemma. 


This love story has all the requirements for classification as a historical romance. Replete with a rescuing hero that saves the damsel in distress from the nefarious cousin who wants to steal the heroine’s inheritance, it follows the same lines that have been retold many times. However, this interesting tale moves at a steady pace for the most part, with only a couple of hiccups - some editing issues and too much rehashing of the true feelings of the protagonists. The speed of transition from dispassionate hero to confused, besotted fool tends to be a little dubious, but it doesn’t take long to smooth out and grasp the attention of the reader. All in all, this entertaining romance leaves the reader with a smile as it reaches its happily ever after.


Janna Shay