Salt Redux (Sequel to Salt Bride)


It has been 4 years since Sir Antony Templestowe was secretly banished in the guise of Ambassador to Russia. He has slowly overcome his demons and made a very prestigious life for himself among the Russian court - and the Russian Princess. All that changes, however, with a simple letter. The sister he loves but realizes is dangerously insane, has escaped and Antony knows exactly where she will turn up - on his dear friend, the Earl of Salt Hendonʼs door and right in the path of his long lost love, Saltʼs sister, Lady Caroline. Although Antony holds little hope of ever having Caroline, neither can he quietly stand by. So, leaving all that he has built for himself, Antony returns to rectify his wrongs and stop an evil murderess from accomplishing her goals. Unfortunately, confronting his past and betraying his sister is a fate much harder lived than imagined.

In this sequel to “Salt Bride” the reader is delighted to reunite with all the wonderful characters four years hence. All have lived, grown and matured - especially Sir Antony, who was last seen being banished to Russia, and Caroline, whose heart was broken because of it. Ms. Grantʼs writing ability is evident in the richness of the words and descriptions, along with the gifted way she draws readers into the very heart of her

characters. While “Salt Redux” doesnʼt quite grip the reader with the intensity of the first book and there are some instances alluded to that leave the reader frustrated if reading as a standalone, or even after a period of time, this is definitely a delectable morsel from a gifted story teller!


Ruth Lynn Ritter