Ruined by the Ton (Misfits of the Ton Book 2)

Emily Royal

Beatrice Thorpe, recovering from a near scandal the previous season, must be on her best behavior lest she risk her reputation. At a ball, she locks eyes with a very handsome gentleman, Augustus Hardwick. She accepts a dance with him, and her fate is sealed. A few months later they are engaged. Two days before their wedding, they attend another ball. Juliette, a woman jealous of Beatrice, sets her up in a compromising position, then calls Augustus to see the sight. It reminds him of his faithless first wife, and even though Beatrice is fighting to get away from the cad, Augustus blames Beatrice entirely. He goes through with the wedding, then the day after, sends her away to his crumbling country estate with a meagre allowance as he goes away to Europe. So begins the new life of Countess Beatrice Hardwick.

“Ruined by the Ton” begins as a happy tale of two injured, very intense characters very much in love. The conflicts in this story are very obvious for both the hero and heroine. Augustus fears having another faithless wife, and Beatrice guards her heart because she is afraid of having it broken by Augustus a second time. After the wedding, the account becomes all angst that is readily felt by the reader. The characters revolve around each other. The ending feels rushed.  Beatrice has grown up in her solitude as has Augustus. This is a unique tale with very interesting characters and situations.  Descriptions of both characters and the world bring the story to life. Enjoy a rollercoaster of emotions, while journeying along with Beatrice and Augustus!

Belinda Wilson