Ruby's Gamble (The Seven Curses of London Series)


When a handsome stranger is caught in a brawl and knocked unconscious, Ruby Compton has the urge to assist him. She can see that he doesn't belong in her part of town and comes to his aid, unbeknownst to her, getting involved with this man brings danger to her family. Gideon de Wolfe owes his life to a beautiful, strong woman who literally saves his life. He is hunting for the individual who almost killed him and some of those who work for him. Ruby is entranced by Gideon from the moment she meets him and when he kisses her, she can't get enough of him. She assures him that she will help him find out what's going on. Will their attraction come together? 

This is a wonderful novella with engaging and enjoyable characters, a fast moving plot with mystery, intrigue and danger all thrown into one. Ruby is a strong, determined woman in the meaner streets of London and her tenacity and fire are a joy to read. The description of London is perfect and the author has definitely done their research. The scenes between Ruby and Gideon are searing hot and there were some moments when the e-reader was being used as a fan. As historical romances go, this is one of the good ones. Where it falters just a bit is that it feels a little rushed and it wouldn't have hurt for the book to be a little longer. However, it's still an excellent story and novella. Highly recommended!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick