A Rose for a Rogue – A Waltz with a Rogue Novella #6


REGENCY:  Manchester, the Marquis of Sterling, has always prided himself on being a man of diligence and discipline. After being summoned home to his family’s country estate by his elderly, bitter, and cantankerous father, he runs into Miss Eden Haverden, or rather she runs into him.  Immediately beguiled by her beauty, he uses his lamed horse as an excuse to request a ride home in Eden’s cart. Against her better judgment and sense of propriety, Eden agrees. Their instant powerful attraction to one another must overcome a decade’s long grudge between their two families and the unsuitable nature of their association. 

If one enjoys a sweet and romantically charged read, Collette Cameron’s sixth novella in the Waltz with a Rogue series is the book for you. Fans of this genre will find a page-turning Regency Romance filled with the hypocrisy of the aristocracy, the honor of gentlemen, the innocence of ladies, and the passion of a love meant to be. The story, though not unique, is still a quick read filled with scandal, humorous wit, and chaste love scenes evocative of the time. It is the typical rogue saving the damsel in distress pitted against villains who are predictably mean and snobbish aristocrats. By staying true to the constrictions society placed upon ladies of the period and giving the rogue an honorable heart, this novella is a treat for those who long for a dashing hero from a simpler time when rules were made to be broken. Ms. Cameron delivers lovable and despicable characters caught up in a fast-paced love story that will leave a smile on your face and a sigh in your heart. 

Tonya Mathenia