Rose Gardener’s Florist (The Providence Street Shops #2)


Working class Rose Gardener has finally achieved her goal of opening her own flower shop in London. She’s proud of how far she’s come but still doubts herself, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The shy, awkward gentleman who frequents her shop is stations above her and would surely not be interested in an honorable relationship. Will Carmody has waited ages to feel a real connection with a woman, so when he finds himself attracted to the lovely flower seller, Rose, he makes excuses to patronize her shop regularly. More comfortable with books than people, he knows he’s not much of a catch for such a lively woman, but when Rose’s friend needs assistance escaping her guardian, Will has the skills needed to save the day.

This story features a refreshing setting different from most historical romances being released lately, along with charming characters. Fans of quiet, awkward heroes will be charmed by Will and those wanting a strong heroine will be pleased by Rose’s ingenuity. Rose’s struggle to overcome her circumstances and her own self-doubt to achieve her dreams is highly relatable and will leave readers satisfied, while the banter between characters entertains. Sadly, the romance aspect falls flat thanks to Rose’s self-protective standoffishness and fear of the class difference between herself and Will. There was a deliciously excellent buildup of tension and connection between Rose and Will that unfortunately never really comes to fruition on the page. This issue, along with the incongruous storyline of Rose’s new friend, the missing heiress, gave this story a bit of a discombobulated feel until all was rapidly tied together at the end. Still, an enjoyable story for a quiet afternoon!

Niki Price