Rory: A Scottish Outlaw (Highland Outlaws Book 3)


Lady Alexandria MacKenzie is walking a tightrope between her obligation to her father’s clan and her love of Scotland.  Working as a part of the rebel underground, she meets Rory MacVie, a commoner who threatens to steal her heart.  Obligated to marry someone of her own social status, she knows that she must squash her passion for the handsome rebel.   Alex must choose between three handsome young men of her own social standing in order to keep her people safe.

“Rory” is a historical romance full of passion.  Ms. Baldwin successfully transports the reader into Scotland’s past with her wonderful prose.  Well-researched, “Rory” gives the reader the essence of the country’s past political struggles, while delivering a great story.   Some of the secondary storylines are predictable, but overall this does not detract from the connection that the reader feels with the characters of Alex and Rory. The conflict that Alex feels between duty and her own desires fills the reader with tension and is engaging throughout the story.

This story of the Highlands captivates the reader and Ms. Baldwin’s prose is polished and descriptive.  Best of all, the story’s ending is a delightful surprise for the reader.  “Rory” is part of a series, but stands on its own as a complete story.  Readers can look forward to more of Ms. Baldwin’s great writing and creative stories.  A job well done! 

Gwenellen Tarbet