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Olive was living the life of a "Librarian Spinster" with no surprises left - everything was already planned out for her by a society that had written her out.  She was on the sidelines watching others "live" their life filled with husbands, children and love.  She never thought that a letter asking her to come and rescue her brother's children would change her life and lead her on a path she never expected to travel.  In rescuing these children and teaching them what life is really about, she finds surprising strength, happiness and maybe even love.

 It is here, she meets Jacob, the man who has been watching her niece and nephew until she arrives. He opens her eyes to a way of life different from anything she has ever known.  She finds she has strengths she never knew she had and discovers that maybe home is not necessarily the place she came from.

 This book is beautifully written!  It holds your attention from the first page to the last.  It is also a very touching story,  giving one a great perspective into what women in the late 1800's went through, what was expected of them and the limits society placed on them. The reader will thoroughly enjoy the journey Olive takes from the minute she steps off the train in this tiny Western town, to the minute she has to decide if she wants to get back on that train, returning to the life she knew, or stay and discover the life she can have!

 Lynne Coyer