Romancing Miss Quill (Willful Winterbournes #1)


Arthur Winterbourne, the Earl of Ettesmere, has been grieving over his wife's passing for several years. His grief has kept him locked up and he abstains from any social endeavors, especially those dealing with courtship. Despite his family’s constant suggestions to be more social and to begin courting again, he feels any new relationship would be a betrayal to his late wife's memory. When fate runs him into Juliana Quill, he thinks twice. Miss Quill is a 37-year-old, self-taught astronomer who has been taking care of her father. She also has no interest in courting; however, both Arthur and Juliana find themselves constantly attracted to each other by a magnetism they can hardly understand.

There are many historical romance novels; yet, “Romancing Miss Quill” is slightly unique when it comes to historical romance. Most tell a tale of a young man or woman coming of age, overcoming childhood traumas, and falling in love with the unexpected; however, Sandra Sookoo takes a different approach. Arthur and Juliana are decades past the traditional age of courtship, both dealing with familial loss, and are already managing adult responsibilities. This take on romance is refreshing to read as it reminds the reader that love has no age limit, and that even in grief, love can be found. All the twists and turns in their relationship are realistic and understandable as they both work together to overcome grief. Overall, the author has written a beautiful and mature love story that transcends across all ages.

Sadie Wilson