Romancing an Arrogant Demigod - London Mythos, Book 2


PARANORMAL: Bryce Stirling, arrogant earthy demigod, begrudgingly attends a wedding where he’s dragged into a wager with the roguish Duke Shellington, triton sea god obsessed with tragic Endymion’s unrequited quest for love. The two arrogant demigods bet to win the heart of Wendelin Harlowe, the captivating young lady the demigods met at the wedding or lose their immortality. One year later during her first season, Wendelin finds herself pursued by the two handsome gentlemen, much to her mother’s delight. Attracted to Bryce’s thoughtful attentions she ignores Duke Shellington’s predictable overtures. This puts her in danger of being forcibly swept away by the Duke’s obsession. Will Bryce and Wendelin be able to get past his secret identity or will the arrogance of his wager leave her to a watery fate?

"Romancing an Arrogant Demigod" is a fast-paced, comical romance involving mythological figures and mortals who capture their hearts. Instant attraction, a desire for adventure, and a wager for love work together to make this an enjoyable story. Considering the rules of society, readers may be slightly shocked by how quickly the heroine succumbs to the sensuous machinations of her suitor. Or maybe readers will relish the hurried passions reminiscent of a backseat make out session! Even though the story regrettably doesn’t display all their powers, the supporting characters are interesting and humorous. Readers may also be disappointed to find the "villain" relatable, a flawed character worthy of compassion. Readers travel from the informal English countryside to the splendor of a London Season with descriptive detail. Ms. Lewis delivers a tale filled with arrogant men and a headstrong heroine determined to marry for love at all costs.

Tonya Mathenia