The Rogue's Last Scandal (Sons of the Spy Lord #3)

Alina K.

Grace Kingsley is trapped in her guardian's home — a guardian who is hell-bent on marrying her to someone even more sinister than he. She falls into the arms of Charley Everly at a ball, who then helps her plan her escape. Everly is looking for a Spanish lady that can help him find a spy. The more he gets to know Grace the more he suspects she is the one he has been looking for all along. As they hide from the danger, they quickly learn that she and her young charge are not safe. They will have to take drastic measures to end the corruption that could be both of their undoing. Charley Everly, who has sworn duty to his country and never to marry, may be changing his plans.

This book is an action-packed Regency romance that will have one loving the characters. Grace is an exotic character, refreshing to have on the scene of the Ton. Charley is a rogue in the most real sense who shows a lot of growth in the story. The action is compelling and is the best part of the story. The beginning of the tale is muddled and it is tough to understand what is going on. There are also too many characters not properly introduced, and the reader is left struggling to figure out who is who. Some aspects of the plot were left unfinished. Still, "The Rogues Last Scandal" is filled with intrigue, making for an exciting read.

Jessica Samuelsen