Rogue Knight (Medieval Warriors #2)


MEDIEVAL:  Loyal and brave French Knight Sir Geoffroi de Tournai travels to York on the wishes of William the Conqueror. Open hatred hangs in the air toward the Normans who rule. Geoffroi happens upon a fair lady named Emma, and his attraction to her caring nature and enchanting beauty have the knight down on one knee, but war calls on his sword. Emma is the daughter of a rebel against his king’s cause. A smart man would walk away, but his heart will not allow it.


When reviewing the structure of a novel which should always be considered, “Rogue Knight” is an example of “how to” in good story building. Emma and Geoffroi are pitted against a huge obstacle: their countries are at war, but their hearts are in tune. The enemies to lovers trope is not new, but it’s an intriguing no-win situation that requires a skilled author to unravel for the reader.

Ms. Walker only immerses a finite amount of time in courtly war room tactics in order to feed the story as opposed to boring the reader. The focus remained on the hero and heroine although through much of the story they were apart. Life in 1069, and struggles over the dirt in England, are captured to create a multilayered novel adding depth and yearning. 

What stands out in this tale more than any other element is the heroine. Emma is challenged to juggle her devotion to the man she should despise but loves, and her loyalty to her father. Historical readers will most assuredly gravitate to this engaging story!

Sloane Austen