Reviews - Historical

The Sweetest Touch

Louisa, is a beautiful, young pickpocket who is run down by the Duke of  Kenbridge’s carriage one night.

Echoes Of Love

Chesna Dubrow, daughter of the Amatian king's advisor, vows to always love Pietor Gabris, illegitimate son of Prince Milo, moments before he leaves for St. Petersburg. Chesna will wait years for Pietor's return but when he does, he is no longer the friend of her childhood but her enemy and an officer of Bonaparte's army and before long, her husband.

  Emma Gates is the beautiful daughter of a wealthy viscount. Her youth was spent playing and running with the children of neighboring estates … and wildly dancing to gypsy music in secret. Now that she is, as she says, on the shelf, she does not dance anymore. There is a reason for this, as the reader soon finds out.

Train Station Bride

Being the plump, unattractive daughter in a family of beauties, Julia Crawford's only chance at marriage is as a mail-order bride. Having secretly corresponded with fifty year-old shopkeeper Jacob Snelling, Julia boards a train for South Dakota, leaving her family in Boston unaware of her plans.


Olive was living the life of a "Librarian Spinster" with no surprises left - everything was already planned out for her by a society that had written her out.  She was on the sidelines watching others "live" their life filled with husbands, children and love.  She never thought that a letter asking her to come and rescue her brother's children would change her life and lead her on a path she ne