Roderick's Widow (London Libertines, Book 3)


Alice de Grecy was bullied into an abusive marriage by her father, which forced her to break an engagement to businessman Ross Trelawney. She endured years of pain and suffering until her husband died under horrendous circumstances. She now volunteers at a shelter for abused women and is shocked when Ross comes back into her life. Ross married a woman he did not love after Alice broke off their engagement. Now a widower with a young daughter, old feelings come back when he sees Alice. They have a fight on their hands when Alice's father arranges a marriage to a viscount who is a lot older than she is. Will Ross fight for the woman he loves and will they finally get their happily ever after?

The one aspect that stands out about this book is Emily Royal taking on the subject of domestic violence in the period. It is clear she has done her research to ensure that the reader has a true representation. That being said, there were aspects of the book that felt like they were dragged along and could have been resolved sooner without taking away from the storyline. Despite this though, the question of whether or not they will get their happily ever after is always on the forefront and makes it a page-turner to see if it will happen or not. "Roderick's Widow" is a great read, with well-written characters and a story that will sink its hook into the reader.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick