River Road (Tortured Souls, #3)


After losing two women he loved, pirate Charles Moore, aka, Hatchet, is convinced he and his family are cursed. Desperate to prevent more heartbreak, he turns to the Widow Hope LeBlanc, a voodoo priestess, for help. When a priceless relic is stolen from Hope, she strikes a deal with Hatchet. If he will help her recover the relic, she will help him break the curse on his family, thus forming an uneasy alliance. However, they both face roadblocks in their assigned missions, as long buried secrets come to light, revealing an unexpected connection between Hatchet and Hope.  As the pair matches wits, the sexual tension between them becomes nearly impossible to ignore. Can Hope, help lift the curse before tragedy strikes again?

“River Road” is steeped in rich historical detail and sultry New Orleans ambiance. This is a riveting tale of magic, secrets, family drama, revenge and forbidden love, augmented by the flush Gothic tone and atmosphere. Although the story does lose momentum in a few spots, it quickly recovers, which is the only minor flaw here. The unique pairing of a pirate with a voodoo priestess may sound incredible, but it worked beautifully.  The banter between the couple is sharp and sensual, while their delicious chemistry sizzles and pops seductively. This story is poignant and very suspenseful, with a tense race against time that will have readers rapidly turning pages.  This is a perfect conclusion to the Tortured Souls trilogy!

Julie Whiteley