River Oaks Plantation


CIVIL WAR:  River Oaks Plantation has withstood year after year of whatever mother nature has decided to throw at Louisiana - until Hurricane Katrina,  that is. In the aftermath it's still standing, but has taken quite a beating.  Amaryllis (Cammie) O'Brien has inherited the historic home from her grandmother and together with Noah Gautreaux, an old flame and the plantation manager are slowly putting the pieces of the house and their hearts, back together.  When Cammie finds an old diary belonging to an ancestor and former owner of River Oaks she takes a step back into the past to discover the value of love in the present. 


With its two settings of the plantation both in the past and in the present, this book treats readers to a contemporary and historical story all at once. Cammie and Noah are an admirable team. Although they do come together a little too quickly to capture the reader, leaving their romance lacking, they are still an appealing couple. The insight to Hurricane Katrina is interesting and pushes this story beyond just a typical romance. There is a strong inspirational message shared by the characters that weaves its way into the story. The historical aspect is just as interesting with its look at the civil war, slavery and Louisiana in 1850s. The characters of Margaret Jean Turnrow and Danny Paul Turnrow easily capture the reader with their true love story.  Overall, this is a heartbreaking and endlessly endearing read!


Margaret Faria