River’s Edge

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River Prescott is an independent woman who keeps her ranch going with a savvy business sense and her commercial artwork. She meets her new neighbor, Edge Grayson, when he comes to fix the fence between their properties that she uses as a subject for her paintings. She watches him bathe in the river, completely fascinated by his vital male beauty. When Edge realizes he’s being watched, she barely escapes without him seeing her face. River finds Edge such a beautiful subject, she asks him to pose as a model for her paintings. River is completely captivated with Edge, but while she would love to explore her first sexual relationship with him, marriage is not her goal. Edge is fascinated by his tiny, but attractive and feisty little neighbor. He falls in love with her, the more time they spend together, but what does an illegitimate ex-hired gun have to offer a respectable lady like her?

Gem Sivad delivers steamy western historical romance with River’s Edge. Highly enjoyable, her book delivers an evocative western setting, and the author teases the reader’s senses with her descriptive writing.  Along with volcanic sexual tension, River and Edge share an emotional connection that grows beautifully in this novel. With quirky and distinctive characters, and an appealing narrative, this romance has much to offer to a reader. The only shortcoming is the abrupt scene changes that could be confusing to readers. Otherwise, this novel is a delicious confection for historical western romance fans! 

Danielle Hill