Rising Sun (MAGNUS #1)

Robert Allen

Rome is one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed, with a host of larger-than-life heroes, villains, conquerors, and dictators. But one stood out from the rest. In the year 90 B.C.E. chaos has erupted across the Italian peninsula over the right of citizenship. Romes allies are rebelling and Romes legions are sent out to crush the rebellions and restore order. Before the name Pompey could be known, an unproven and feared commander will taste victory and defeat, while also opening the way for one man who would later be called Great.


An epic work of historical and military fiction, told like an autobiography and narrated by the last living son of Gnaeus Pompey, Rising Sunis the first in the exciting Magnustrilogy. While readers unfamiliar with Roman history will be thrown by some of the language and character names, this is a prime work for roman history lovers. The pacing is smooth as Pompeys son follows his fathers rise, beginning with an honest recollection of his grandfather who was not liked, moving on to how his father navigated the politics of Rome in court and on the battlefield. Gnaeus is shown to have faults as well as strengths so that his soldiers devotion is easy to believe. The battles are exciting without becoming the entire book, which provides balance. Overall a good read for lovers of historical fiction!


Sarah E. Bradley