WESTERN:  Lena Gowan and Kyle Allaway are headliners in Frank Perry’s Wild West Show. Best friends since childhood, there is more than friendship that has kept them together over the years. Even though Lena acknowledges her love, Kyle has shied away from the truth. When a surprise package lands in Kyle’s lap, his world turns upside down. With no options other than marriage, Kyle and Lena marry and return home to the A&G ranch, where the Gowans and the Allaways are faced with problems started long ago, and where Kyle and Lena’s friendship and love are put to the test. 


This historical romance starts with a bang and continues the pace until its riveting conclusion! With strongly defined characters that burst from the pages and a steady pace that keeps the reader engaged, this story has it all. Along with the sensual chemistry pulsating between the protagonists and electrifying passion that scorches the pages, the many twists and turns keep one on the edge of their seat as the pages turn rapidly. The plot deviates a tad from reality with its too-numerous-to-count conflicts that the characters must face to get to their happily ever after; however one doesn’t want to discount this novel from their collection. With its innovative take on the Wild West, this enthralling and captivating novel is thoroughly entertaining and will appeal to lovers of history, romance, and fiction.


Janna Shay