Amanda L.V.

Lord Guilford Kingsley arrives in France to deliver the sad tidings of an unexpected coaching accident and death of Miss Rhianna Braden's parents,  the curate on the Kingsley estate.  Having been away from England for 18 years, she is requested to accompany Lord Guilford back to her childhood home and is offered the position of governess to his youngest daughter Audra.

With the feeling of obligation and the uncertainty for her future, she returns.  During her time in Thornton, she feels a close bond with Audra and her father but Audra's mother Lydia and brother Desmond, have dark hearts and a dark purpose.  A cunning and manipulative team, they make life at the estate difficult.  Then enters Lord Thayne of Ravensleigh, who Rhianna remembers as a child, and whose endearing nature now touches her and softens her heart towards him.  Slowly, she begins to unravel a well hidden secret that unknowingly involves her.  As the deception begins to mount, her only comfort is in Lord Thayne, who may truly prove to be her knight in shinning armor.

Rhianna is the classic beauty and damsel in distress that one comes to love in this type of story!  Her uncertainty and fear of what her life will become, brings a truth to her character.  An amazing number of twists  throughout the story keep the reader on edge as one follows down a road of lies, affairs, murder plots and finally, the hope of Rhianna finding true love, a family and a hero for all to root for!

Margaret Faria