Revolutionary Hearts


Parineeta Singh has one goal: uncover information that will help her brother’s revolutionary group free India from the invading British. She did not expect to deal with General Warren Carton, who is so different from the British soldier who abandoned her mother so long ago. Of course, what Parineeta doesn't know is that the General too is looking to uncover information; only about her brother’s rebel forces, and not for the British but for America. When the General is exposed as a spy, he and Parineeta go on the run, and while escaping British troops they both discover that their place in life might not be what they thought.


An intriguing historical romance novella, set in the 1920s and the beginning of the Indian revolution, "Revolutionary Hearts" explores a different part of history in a beautiful and sweetly romantic way, with fast-paced adventure mixed in. Besides the unique setting, the main characters themselves have interesting backgrounds that set them apart from other historical romances. Further, Parineeta and Warren are both haunted by their circumstances, yet they complement one another’s needs with an attraction that sends sparks from their first meeting. The story itself is nicely balanced between the action and romance with a quick pace, with a few surprising twists toward the end.  This is one short story that is worth the read, but not nearly long enough!


Sarah E. Bradley