Revenge of the Corsairs

Elizabeth Ellen

For two long, excruciating years, debutante and artist Laura Cappleman was a prisoner in an Ottoman harem. Rescued by the gallant crew of the Calliope and learning that her captor Emir Selim Omar is dead and his household scattered, Laura wants nothing more than to return to her old, pampered life. There’s just one problem. She’s pregnant with Omar’s son.

First Officer Elias Nash is a God-fearing man who spent the last two years of his life searching for the woman he loved. Now, after years of brutal treatment, she is no longer the same woman. And what neither Laura nor Elias realize is that Omar’s ambitious first wife Rabia is still alive and determined to steal Laura’s son to bring herself back into power – even if she has to kill to do it.

“Revenge of the Cosairs” is the second installment in Ms. Carter’s rousing adventure series, and it hits all the right notes: passionate romance, strong character development, a great cast, and enough historical detail to satisfy readers with a passion for the 1800s. If there’s a weak spot, it may only be that the villains are almost two dimensional, but with a story as big this one, the reader will hardly notice. Tantalizing hints about the first book are scattered throughout the story, but new readers to the series should have no problem keeping up with the tale.

Janice Martin