Return to Me


Brynn of Galhaven never really belonged in her Engel father’s home, but she was still somewhat safe under his protection. All that changed when she was “ruined” by an Archaean - Marek Coinnich. Suddenly she’s all alone and forced to rely on enemies. It would be so much easier if she could hate them, especially their leader.

Marek can’t allow himself to care for Brynn. Not only is she an enemy, but he is a married man. So it is with heavy heart that he parts from her. But when fate throws them back together, they will find out whether their love is strong enough to last a lifetime.

Enemy to lovers is a beloved trope in the romance genre. With good reason, for it proves that love can overcome many obstacles. That holds true in this novel as well. However, there were some jarring moments in the narrative that marred the experience. Mostly, that can be laid on the shoulders of Marek and Brynn. There is the fact that Marek was married and still kissed and wanted Brynn, but his bigger crime lies in the way they were parted: he sold her to slavery. He had his reasons, but it doesn’t endear him to the reader. As for Brynn, it is mostly her behavior in the beginning, but she did mature as the book progressed.  All in all, it’s a sweeping love story that would’ve been more satisfying but for some changes in characters’ behavior.

Ana Smith