Return of the Highland Laird (Highland Force #4)


Shame can drive a man to do foolish things. What else would compel the Chieftain of Raasay to captain a ship alone, through a squall, when it could land him straight into enemy territory? Alexander Macleod may have come to his senses eventually and gone back home, but being beaten, robbed, and left for dead, may insure he never gets back.

When the broken and bloodied kilt-clad laird appears at her door, Jane’s first instinct is to get rid of him. After all, Scots are dangerous! But isn’t she in need of aid herself? Isn’t she relying on the kindness of others to help keep her secret - one that could see her burned at the stake? How can she turn him away?

 “Return of The Highland Laird” is a robust, sexy, cinematic tale, with hunky, chivalrous highlanders, and blush-to-the-roots love scenes. Though only a novella, it presents a full-bodied tale that easily encourages the reader to seek out all of its counterparts. The accents of the characters seem to blur and blend at times; causing some bumpiness, but it’s a little drop in a bucket of awesomesauce. With delicious detail, captivating conflict, and interest-piquing plot lines, “Return of The Highland Laird” is well-worth returning to again and again! 

Sofia St. Angeles