Reviews - Historical

TIME TRAVEL:  Faith Daniels has never really fit into her life, and after a messy divorce she turns all her energy into restoring a 1900 Galveston mansion.

Fool Me Twice
Philippa Jane

Caro Worth never thought the one thing she inherited from her disreputable father would be her salvation, but alone in 18

Her Fateful Debut

Penelope Swinton is from a small village in the countryside of England.  When she travels to London to be introduced to society, she has no idea what awaits her.  Perhaps a stunning season as a debutante

Desperate to help her father, Lady Julia Hopwood searches for a book that he has been looking for to add to his collection.

Annabella Beaufort is cousin to the Queen, and on her visit to Linlithgow Palace in Edinburgh she is entranced by King James' court.  When the castle comes under attack by Highlanders seeking to free thei