Reviews - Historical

Seductive Surrender

Gwendolyn, with her niece and nephew, has just moved from South Carolina to Scotland after learning her nephew is the heir to a title and large inheritance. Though, because of picking up an unknown injured man from a rival clan and being outsiders, the small family is not greeted warmly when they at their new home.

Take a trip back in time to Depression-Era 1934 Texas. Historic droughts dry up the country and economic confusion shakes the nation. It’s a turbulent time and Texas is slowly dying, when three teen-agers from very different walks of life meet at a crossroad. This story tells of how they come of age and come together against the backdrop of legendary gangsters Bonnie and Clyde.

The barons of England are at war with Prince John. Against this sweeping backdrop begins the tale of Belladonna, youngest daughter of the Duke of Savernake and her quest to wed Dashiell du Reims, a knight whose code of honor prevents him from acknowledging his love for the much younger maiden.

REGENCY:  Lady Elianna is suddenly left destitute when her father unexpectedly dies. Her fate now resides in the hands of a distant cousin who is to become the new Earl. When Elianna discovers that he and his family plan on using her as a servant or sending her to a nunnery, she chooses the former, hoping it will be only temporary.

WESTERN:  When her sister Jenny is dying, Retta promises her sister that she will travel across dangerous country to Harrison Carter, the man Jenny was supposed to marry. Jenny hopes that Harrison, who she remembers to be a kind-hearted man, will take Retta and her young daughter Adeline into his home and take care of them.