Return of the Fox (Mission Belles Book 2)


Isabella Fuentes has enough on her plate without having the ghosts of her past coming back to haunt her in the heart of Alta, California. She is struggling to fight off the insufferable Drake Logan from trying to weasel her ranch out from under her. To make matters worse, her long-lost love, Gabriel de la Vega, has come back from exile. Charged with killing his enemy, Gabriel was forced to escape to avoid heinous punishment, even if it meant breaking his elopement promise to Isabella. Isabella’s broken heart has never truly healed, and Gabriel’s sudden return leaves her feeling conflicted. Could she really be falling for this foxlike knave again? He’ll have to prove himself ten times over before he’s allowed back into her heart. 

Pamela Gibson transports readers back to the days of rancheros and hidalgos in her charming novel! Lovers of rich California history will be taken back in this story set in Alta, California, in 1847. Isabella is a wonderfully strong character that any woman will aspire to emulate. Gabriel is very slick and unlikable at first, but will tug on the reader’s heartstrings later on in the story. The plot does creep to a standstill at several points throughout the story, pulling the reader out of the story. Additionally, the flashbacks near the beginning of the tale are somewhat disorienting and can distract the reader from the plot as they try to piece together the story. However, the unique story will enchant the reader and will leave them with a satisfying conclusion!

Jen Griffin