Reviews - Historical

Longing for Home

When we meet Irena Marie Preseren, she is 17 years old and preparing to pass through Ellis Island.

MYSTERY:  Matthew, Viscount Rathbourne, meets his new neighbors, the Countess of Ashburn and her daughter, Kathleen, poaching trout on his family’s land.

Having triplets is a bad omen during King Edward III's reign. Worse, he’s superstitious enough to want to kill his own offspring, but a kind queen saves the three young babes from death. Years later, Rowen, Rook and Reed learn their real father is the King and they are his bastard sons. Anger pushes the brothers to seek revenge.

A Regency Yuletide

Sophie Davenport is on the verge of being forced into a marriage to keep herself and her mother fed and clothed.

WESTERN:  Brody has been picked up by the law again - caught stealing food for his neighbor. This time it is different.