Reviews - Historical

Naapiikoan Winter

In the heart of a Naapiikoan winter, change has come to the Piikani tribes in the form of the white man and his search for beaver skins.

The Countess Intrigue
Wendy May

Enduring her second Season as her matchmaking mama looks for a suitable husband for her, Lady Elizabeth Castleton hopes to either marry for love or to gain her independence when she reaches twenty-one.  W

REGENCY:  Simon Montgomery, the Earl of Cartwright, has spent all of his time and energy in rebuilding the ruins of his estate, while shielding his mother and sister from how bad the situation truly is.

Athos Strong is in desperate need of a wife!

The former Lady Carolyn Vesser of Yorkshire married for love rather than money and moved to America where her husband died, leaving her and her beautiful nineteen year old daughter, Piper, with no means o