Restless Sea Lord (Legendary Bastards of the Crown Book 1)


Having triplets is a bad omen during King Edward III's reign. Worse, he’s superstitious enough to want to kill his own offspring, but a kind queen saves the three young babes from death. Years later, Rowen, Rook and Reed learn their real father is the King and they are his bastard sons. Anger pushes the brothers to seek revenge. Rowen the Ruthless is the captain of the fastest pirate ship sailing the seas. When he and his brothers receive word of a bounty bound for the King close at hand, Rowen absconds with the goods. He gets more than silk and spices - he’s forced to take Lady Cordelia, the woman who belongs to the dowry onto his ship. And she’s none too happy.

Swashbuckling fun awaits those who dare to open the first book in the Legendary Bastards of the Crown series. The idea isn’t new, but Ms. Rose introduces some very interesting historical facts to add a brilliant twist. The brothers each have a trained bird reminiscent of their handlers and the crew on Rowen’s ship is as salty as expected. Rowen could have been a little more ferocious himself, and at times his voice leaned toward the feminine. His roguish traits pale with a shallow desire of becoming a knight. Redemption comes when he must choose between blood and his heart. Cordy’s character shines with her sense and sensibilities. Just mention the word pirate and a reader has to know there’s action, adventure and love on the horizon.


Sloane Austen