Rescuing Rosalind

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When Buck first glimpses a daring young lady acting Shakespeare in his dear friend the Duke of Rusisdell’s gardens, he is immediately captivated by her and nicknames her Rosalind for the part she has always dreamed of playing. But acting is out of the question for a lady of breeding, and Fanny’s restless heart aches for the adventures she fears she will never experience. When the Captain returns from war three years later, he finds his Rosalind to be even more beautiful and spirited than he remembered. Her need for more than the confining social regulations of the ton has Fanny walking a fine line with London’s upper class, and when her impulses nearly ruin her reputation, Buck must decide if he can be the man to rescue the fiery Fanny Edwards from her own demise.

Rescuing Rosalind sweeps the reader into the distant times of propriety, balls and English nobility with well-written prose, believable and engaging characters and descriptive scenery. The research for this book is obviously well done, and the author took great care in weaving time-appropriate details into the story. The plot line creates plenty of tension and romance, and though the story sagged a little at one point, the book is mostly well-paced and keeps the reader interested. The romance is compelling and instead of yet another weak damsel in distress, the author does a wonderful job of delivering readers an independent, resilient woman and the strong, confident hero it takes to sweep her off her feet.

Stephenia McGee