Rescuing the Earl (The Seven Curses of London Book 3)


Widow Grace Stannous runs from the ancestral home of her husband when his cousin Charles and his wife descend upon her. In short order, several “accidents” occur that almost kill her son Matthew, the new Viscount of Chivington. Should anything happen to Matthew, the title will go to Charles. In desperation she heads toward her cousin’s home when she is struck by a carriage owned by Tristan, the Earl of Adair. He takes the unconscious Grace and Matthew home with him and nurses her back to health. Grace takes the edge off of the cantankerous Earl's moodiness. He finds himself falling for her, but Grace refuses to tell him anything about herself before she disappears again.


Tristan is a likable character in spite of the fact he doesn’t like himself. He has a distorted view of what he is really like; this is true of all of the characters in this novel. Grace thinks she is weak, but it takes strength to protect her son as she does. Charles thinks he is well liked and worthy of being a Viscount, but this is just another illusion. Originality is not a forte of this story - this reviewer has read several others that have similar plots. While there were no real surprises while reading this story, it was quite enjoyable. There were several clever plot twists that one doesn’t see coming. This works as a great standalone novel even though it is the third in a series. The rest of the series looks to be equally promising.


Belinda Wilson