Rescued by a Highlander


Jillian has always wanted to be a knight—or at least be able to fight like one. As she and her father run from her cousin who has taken over their home, she is determined to protect her ailing father at all costs. When Laird Macgregor comes across their camp, he offers them shelter, but at a price. Jillian’s father, realizing they don’t have many options, agrees to marry Jillian to the Laird named Gawain. Jillian is furious, but she realizes having a son could be exactly what she needs to get back at her cousin. The only issue is Jillian’s wild streak. If Gawain is to keep her safe, he needs to keep her inside the castle walls, but he is also determined to give his wife the freedom she yearns for.

A strong highlander meets his match in a fierce woman! While Jillian’s strength and independence are admirable, she is not the most likable character. She is solely responsible for every messy situation she finds herself in, yet never takes the blame. Gawain is also admirable in his attempts to give his wife everything, but his character falls a little flat. The plot starts off well, with a woman who is willing to do anything for her father, even marry a man she doesn’t know! It is hard not to be intrigued. But from there it falls short. The author introduces a plethora of different plotlines, but they all sort of fizzle out. However, lovely historical detail and the chemistry between the main characters readers will captivate readers!

Amanda Hupe