The Renegade Wife (Children of Empire Series Book One)


Meggie has escaped from the husband who has been battering her and broke their son’s arm. She’s taken both children to look for her grandmother, a member of the Ojibwa tribe. They come across a house while searching, whose owner is gone, so Meggie takes advantage of the situation because her daughter, Lena, has a fever and it is too cold to stay outside. Rand, the owner, comes home and is furious to find Meggie and the children. Soon his heart melts and he falls in love with Meggie, but learns she is still married to a tyrant who even now is searching for her and the children.

A well written story, the characters leap off the page and into the reader’s heart as they go on this journey to evade Blair and find a safe place for Meggie and her children. Action-packed, this novel is a page turner and is difficult to put down. Several of the characters develop beautifully during the course of the story, including Rand, who begins as a crusty curmudgeon and becomes a man willing to put himself in peril for the beautiful woman and her family. The children start off as flat, scared characters that, as they begin to thaw towards Rand, become easy to love children that are in a bad situation. Ms. Warfield weaves a delightful tale that leaves one sitting on the edge of their seat during most of the novel. For those who enjoy this story, there will be more to come.

Belinda Wilson