The Renegade (Rebel Hearts Volume 1)


Lady Elora Brodie has done everything in her power to avoid marriage, even if it has given her the reputation as a cold, controlling woman. She will go to any lengths to avoid having to marry, even if that means going to the shipyards of Edinburgh to find help. Nathan Campbell can usually be found in the local tavern, surrounded by women aching for him to take them to bed. They decide to work together to achieve their own goals. But when feelings start to creep in, their outlook on life changes, and it’s not what they expected.

Nathan Campbell is the definition of a lothario, and he isn’t ashamed to show it. When Elora meets him, he has women chasing after him. He is such a fun character and a joy to read about. The dialogue between Nathan and Elora is brilliant and there were some moments of laughing out loud. The sex scenes were steamy and will not be forgotten in a hurry. Elora is misunderstood and it takes time to break through the shell, but it’s well worth it. For the first book in the series, it is a promising start. There could have been more work done on secondary character development, as some were a little cliché. However, this is one Highland Romance that will definitely keep readers warm on a cold winter’s night!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick