Remember The Past


Widower Fitzwilliam Darcy wants for nothing, especially a wife. However, his life turns upside down when his new neighbors move in. His sons are constantly begging to be allowed to keep company with the Bennet twins, their newly discovered playmates; his mother-in-law has set her sights on Admiral Bennet; and worst of all, the budding attraction growing between Elizabeth Bennet and himself. To compound the problem, Elizabeth has sworn never to let a gentleman near her heart. With discord building between the Admiral and Fitzwilliam, will Elizabeth be able to prevent a catastrophe that threatens to endanger all she holds dear, including acceptance of the love that has already taken root?

There is a poised tranquility expressed in the sweet rhythm of the day-to-day life of this historical piece. Readers immediately find themselves a little confused due to the numerous names, i.e. surnames, first names, and nick names, although this issue does not detract from the plot. While a time frame is never specifically mentioned, this romance is decidedly English Victorian. As a glowing example of neighbors helping neighbors, this story depicts the instant trust that was prevalent in days gone by; albeit one's imagination is left wondering about the characters themselves. Even with little to no descriptions given of the main characters' physical presence, the reader understands their moral fiber while solemn interactions keep feelings unexposed until propriety is observed. Some content refinements would move this story to a hallmark quality production.

Roberta Gordon