The Reluctant Wife (Children of the Empire, #2)


Archaic societal values force Clare Armbruster to travel to India to get her brother’s signature on some paperwork. Ridiculous, in her opinion, but since when does a woman’s opinion matter? She has no idea that crossing paths with Captain Fred Wheatly and his two young daughters will change the course she has set for herself. Fred is a bit clueless as to what to do with his bastard half-caste daughters now that his mistress is dead, but perhaps he can strike a deal with the lovely Clare. During the arduous journey back to England, is it possible these two emotionally wounded people can find their way to sharing their deepest secrets and, perhaps, fall in love?

What a ride! British-occupied India in 1835 is an exotic setting for this unique story filled with atypical historical characters. Wonderfully executed with humor, history, mystery, and emotional pain, Ms. Warfield knows how to aim her mighty pen straight for the reader’s heart. From Clare’s past to Fred’s present, and the children caught by circumstance, this incredibly vibrant tale will keep one turning pages as quickly as possible to see what could conceivably happen next to these uncommon travelers, who don’t give up when the going gets tough. One will alternate between wonder, chuckles, heavenly sighs, and the urge to smack Fred upside his stubborn head, but it is all worth it in the end. An occasional bogging down of the pace is the only flaw and it’s a minor one at that. Is your historical romance palate jaded? Then this unusual treat will fit the bill!

Carol Conley