The Reluctant Scot


Catriona Dewar is a widow who has vowed never to marry again. A myopic Scot, she instead devotes her life to acting as scribe and advisor to a Scottish laird. Shy, Catriona is not. When she stumbles across a fierce Norman warrior about to be captured, the widow steps in to rescue the man. Sparks of desire flare between them instantly, escalated by stolen kisses. Sir Reynaud Graehm finds himself drawn to the lass, although his life is pledged to serve his king, William the Conqueror. Reynaud keeps his Scottish birth secret, but cannot deny his attraction for Catriona. The Highland chief she serves, however, has decided he wants to keep the sassy Scotswoman for himself.

An intriguing and fast-paced plot engages the reader from the first pages and does not let go. Eloquent descriptions, poignant character development, and unexpected twists set this novel a notch above the norm. Filled with history yet without bogging the reader down with too many names and details, this tale hits the perfect balance. Its only flaw is the manner in which it is told. Alternating viewpoints, sometimes as many as three to a page with no clear transitions, disrupt the story’s spell, confusing the reader as to whose head we are in. The book reads more like a movie script, where a camera would identify the narrator for the audience. A book does not have this advantage. As a result, the reader is repeatedly jolted out of the story. Overcoming this, fans of historical romance will find The Reluctant Scot to be an engaging and satisfying read.

FS Brown