The Reluctant Marquess

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After the death of her parents, Charity Barlow is forced to leave her home and head out to see her godfather, the Marquess of St Malin, whom she’d met only once. Upon arrival, however, she finds out her godfather is dead, and that the title and inheritance of his nephew, Robert, depend on whether or not she marries him. Without prospects, and strangely drawn to Robert, Charity agrees. It soon becomes obvious that Charity’s lack of sophistication and her openness will not serve her well in London. Nor will it be easy to crack open her husband’s shell and make him love her…

Robert, the Marquess of St Malin, doesn’t want to get married. Especially to a woman like Charity, who’s far different from London beauties. But, being forced by the circumstances doesn’t mean his life has to change. Soon, though, he begins to feel things for his wife he has no desire to. He’s been burned by love and doesn’t wish to repeat the experience.

The characters were very likable and unique and this book wasn’t easy to put down. However, plot holes and things left unexplained were problematic. For instance: why did the old marquess put the stipulation of marriage in his will? He barely knew Charity! The sudden love the characters feel for each other and the shift in Robert’s behavior aren’t very believable, either, as they come too soon and seemingly from nowhere. The book further describes one misunderstanding and drama after the other. Despite this, the author managed to make the book immersing and interesting.  

Mimi Smith