The Reluctant Bride


Emily Micklen finds herself in an unforgivable situation.  She is unmarried and noticeably pregnant.  It should have worked out, as she was engaged to her lover, but he died in service to the English army merely a week before they were to wed.  Major Angus McCartney has had tender feelings for the lovely Miss Micklen for several years.  He generously offers to marry her and raise her child as his own.  Angus knows her lover was deceiving her before his death, and in addition to salvaging her reputation, Angus also wants to salvage her heart and create a true family.  During a time when Napoleon is making things difficult for England, a soldier’s life is precarious. Has Emily finally found happiness with another army man only to lose him to the intrigues of war?


“The Reluctant Bride” is a complex, well thought-out web of French spies, English traitors, family loyalty and double crosses.  The relationship between Emily and Angus starts off very slowly as Emily is ungrateful and even cold to Angus at first, but he gradually wins her over with his patience and understanding.  A large chunk of the story is devoted to schemes of espionage and, exciting as they are, readers may wish a bit more time and heat had been given to the romance.  Not a fluffy, throw-away romance, this book is perfect for those looking for more substance to go alongside the kisses.  


Leslie Stokes