The Relentless Brit (The Relentless Series - Book 1)


Maria Gentile, a first generation Italian-American, was a young widow trying to re-establish her place in a world at war with a set of antiquated gender expectations. As a result, her career options were limited. Working as her brother's legal receptionist and occasional investigator, she longed for an adventure and maybe a new love to heal her broken heart. Adventure finally came knocking when Charles Stanhope, a British secret agent, recruited her to insinuate herself in Italy's fascist society. Sparks flew immediately with an intensity only an uncertain future could bring; however, their desires would have to go unanswered until the end of the war with a promise to find one another and take hold of the life they earned together through hard fought years and spilt tears.

Set during one of the most romantic periods in history, Sarina Rose has woven a beautiful tale of self-sacrifice and triumph with a focus on the unspoken portion of World War II that helped the Allies win. Espionage made the difference in many instances between life and death for both sides, so it made sense that both forces groomed and exploited their assets to their fullest potential. Images of stoic, brave individuals come to mind when you think of the young men and women who dedicated so much to this war, so when stereotypical images of fainting beauties work their way into the story with Maria dramatically collapsing on several occasions took away from her strength and bravery. It border lined on annoying. That being said, this was a great read and created an air of respect and pride for all that served.

Amy Willis