The Regal (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies Book 6)

Kate Archer

Isabel Beaufort has been selected by the Duchess of Stanbury to be given a season. She is enraptured since her family is poverty stricken. The Duchess selects her by her bloodline – it goes all the way back to the Plantagenets. Lord Lymington, who will eventually become a Duke, is the selected suitor for Isabel. Mr. Harry Vance, who will inherit a barony, has his eye on Isabel, vowing to wed her. Lord Lymington obsesses about horses, repeating the same story ad nauseam. Marriage is not on his mind until Harry mentions it, then Harry sabotages Lymington’s attempts at wooing Isabel. She does not love him, only the stability he represents. She loves Harry but feels a mister inheriting a barony is not financially stable enough. She is conflicted on whether she should listen to her heart – or her head.

“The Regal” is an uproarious tale with a dimwitted future Duke, a fearful maiden, and a headstrong future baron. This story is filled with hilarity as Ms. Archer is quite gifted at turning everyday situations into laughable events! Lord Lymington’s story about his horse throwing his shoe becomes repetitious, dragging the pace of the novel. Isabel is not the most likable heroine. She goes back and forth too much as to whom she should be with, always choosing the Duke for his money rather than listening to what Harry has to say. There is a plethora of secondary characters Ms. Archer cleverly works into the story, making each one memorable. The last novel in this series works great as a standalone. Readers will be wiping tears of laughter from this unbelievable story!

Belinda Wilson