Reforming the Duke: A Regency Romance (Regency Matchmakers Book 2)


The Dowager Duchess of Harrowden has requested the matchmaker sisters to secure a wife for her son, the duke. But not just any wife, a love match. Amelia Blackmore finds the idea intriguing and finds herself soon on the way to Harrowden Hall under the facade of being a companion to the Duchess. Upon arriving, Amelia instantly learns that the widowed duke, Edmund, is both intimidating and harsh. Seeking to learn who he truly is deep down, Amelia must break through the rough exterior to understand who he is and find his potential love match all the while hiding her true identity. With Edmund ready to send her home at every turn, Amelia’s time may be limited.

The second book in the series, “Reforming the Duke” can be read as a stand-alone if desired. It is a fantastic read with twists that will compel one to continue turning pages late into the night. Emotions running high with each chapter, the reader will find themselves both laughing out loud and angry alongside Amelia as she delivers her witty remarks all the while secretly hoping Edmund and her find their way to each other’s hearts. The sporadic familial addition of Ellen and Sybil adds a sweet narrative to the storyline but that felt disconnected at times. When these relationships were highlighted it served to connect each of the characters and help one understand the hurt that encompassed them all. Overall, this was quite the enjoyable must read!

Marie Sanderson